Single Panel Translucent Wall Cladding

Pentaglas systems made with Nano-Cell technology

Pentaglas® standing seam, dry glazed single panel translucent systems are available in variety of daylighting designs suitable for cladding over substructures. The Pentaglas® system is produced using Nano-Cell® technology, the latest and most advanced system for architectural daylighting applications. Design options include both a standing seam look and a flush look.

  • Refined contemporary look with aesthetic appeal
  • Long term resistance to impact and wind loading due to the Nano-Cell
  • Optional matte finish for elegant appearance and diffusion
  • Single source warranty for complete system


Single Panel Translucent Wall Cladding

CPI Daylighting
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Pentaglas®  Insulated Translucent Single Panel
Standing Seam and Seamless Flush Look