Sales Organization

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The CPI Daylighting Sales Organization

CPI Daylighting's sales team is dedicated to providing expert daylighting support to the architectural and construction markets.

To stay up-to-date, our sales force undergoes continuing education in the art of daylighting, covering the latest technologies, processes, standards and regulations.

Professional Support

CPI Daylighting maintains an in-house team of experienced structural engineers, architects, estimators and construction and field specialists to provide professional support to the architectural and construction markets.

CPI Daylighting offers professional support to guide all your daylighting projects, including:

- Daylighting product optimization

- Design ideas and case studies

- Design details and CAD drawings

- Specifications and test reports

- Samples and Mock-ups

- Budget costs and more ...

Local Support from Regional Sales Managers, and Sales Representatives

CPI Daylighting covers the US with 8 regional sales managers, supported by the corporate sales team, all committed to providing you with face-to-face service - onsite at your office or the construction site. Our sales managers cover the following territories: East Coast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, Northwest, Southern California and Illinois.

Our sales organization also incorporates more than 60 well-trained and dedicated local sales representatives and distributors. The sales reps and distributors undergo regular training in the art of daylighting and CPI Daylighting products to ensure their expertise is up-to-date.

CPI Daylighting sales reps, supported by the regional managers and the corporate sales team, are available to provide you with a face-to-face support, budget prices and hard bids. Our sales reps have direct access to all departments, personnel and resources at CPI Daylighting, to streamline the sales process and meet all your expectations - and deliver a world-class daylighting system that enhances your architectural project.