Design Services

Specially trained CPI Daylighting staff provide services as an added benefit for our customers. At CPI Daylighting we partner with Architects and Designers in order to develop ideas and solutions during the preliminary project phase.

Our goal is to ensure that the final project maximizes the potential of our daylighting products and solutions.

Some of these services include:

Design Guidance: Advising what CPI Daylighting product best suites the daylighting application based on the required performance criteria.

Preliminary Structural calculations: Advising on snow and wind loads, providing reactions to support structure, advise on spanning capabilities, etc.

Preliminary CAD details: Providing job specific details of custom connections, complex intersections, non-standard details, etc.

Daylighting Modeling: Providing job specific models to determine glare probabilities, foot-candles of light available on work surface, daylight autonomy, etc.

Energy Modeling: Provide job specific analysis of energy savings when comparing products, different glazing materials, varying sizes of daylight openings, etc.


Acrobat Example of daylighting and energy modeling output
Adobe PDF