Product NameHurricane Endurance Skylights

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Translucent Skylights Configured for Hurricane Zone Performance

CPI Daylighting
Veterans Administration Building, Tampa FL, Architect: Leo A Daly, id 26380

CERTIFIED Hurricane Endurance Systems

CPI Daylighting's scalable Quadwall® translucent systems can be engineered for a range of hurricane zone loading and impact requirements. Structural calculations and stamps are available when required.

Quadwall® systems can be engineered to meet large missile impact resistance, cyclic static air pressure and uniform air pressure requirements per ASTM E1886/E1996 as well as FBC TAS 201, TAS 202 and TAS 203 for hurricane endurance conditions.

CPI Daylighting is the only manufacturer in our industry that has completed 10 year weathering tests on actual installations in South Florida - showing excellent performance results.

Both Quadwall® and Pentaglas® systems are approved and listed for Florida installations - See all CPI Daylighting Florida listings at:

Engineered for Hurricane zone load and impact performance requirements

Quadwall® 2 Panel Assembly and Pentaglas® Single Panel Translucent Glazing Systems

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A Wide Range of Optical and Solar Performance is Available