Product NameSingle Panel Translucent Glazing

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Pentaglas Systems for Translucent Single Panel Applications

Single Panel Standing Seam Translucent Insulated Glazing System

CPI Daylighting

What is Nano-Cell® Technology?
NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM -Open Structure<br />Marine Mammal Pavilion - Single Slope Cladding
ROBINSON SCHOOL<br />Single Panel Clad Ridge Canopy
BARTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL<br />Single Panel Clad Vault & Single Slope Canopies
FIRST COMMERCIAL INSURANCE CORP<br />Multi-Color Singel Panel Clad Pyramid

Pentaglas® panels are specially formulated to suit the demanding performance requirements of the North American architectural market for panel thicknesses, fire performance and co-extruded UV protection.

The Pentaglas® System consists of the following components:

  • Glazing panels, extruded with standing seam up-stands. The up-stands provide a double tooth grip-lock connection that ensures longevity in resistance to high wind loads
  • A variety of snap-on interlocking dry-glazed U connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminum
  • Concealed heavy duty metal retention clips tested to exceed 180 psf loads (patented by US patent #7,549,708 #6,164,024)
  • Substructural support frames and a variety of aluminum perimeter frame designs for a wide range of applications

made with nano-cell technology

Nano-Cell® technology ensures that your daylighting system provides unequaled durability and safety.

The fully assembled standing seam glazing system is free-floating, allowing the system to retain structural properties over the life of the installation.

The Pentaglas® dry glazed standing seam mechanical connection provides a 100% effective weather seal.