Product NameQuadwall TopLites

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Pre-assembled unit skylight sizes up to 7' wide by up to 23' long

The Most Insulated TopLite Available Today - Better Than Triple Glazed Acrylic Unit Skylights!

CPI Daylighting

Quadwall® TopLite Unit Skylights
Quadwall® TopLite Vault Unit Skylight
Quadwall® TopLite Ridge Unit Skylight
Quadwall® TopLite Pyramid Unit Skylight
Quadwall® TopLite Single Slope Unit Skylight
Quadwall® TopLite Unit Skylights
  • Available via the Direct2Fab program or as custom design for specific performance or loading requirement and custom submittal
  • Standard manufacturer submittal package TPL-1 for Vaults, Ridges, Pyramids and TPL-2 for Single Slope (CAD Details tab) or custom submittal
  • Pre-assembled unit skylight sizes up to 7' wide by up to 23' long
  • Direct2Fab program delivers custom sized skylights in just 3-8 weeks
  • Standard design for 30 psf live load, 40 psf wind uplift and 25 psf downward wind loads. Custom load is available
  • Durable Quadwall® 2 panel glazing assembly provides superior energy performance


  • Custom sizes at the same cost as standard sizes
  • Wide range of interior and exterior glazing colors
  • Pre-engineered - custom sizes using D2F automation
  • Delivery of custom systems in just 3-8 weeks
  • All the advantages of state-of-the-art Quadwall glazing
  • Aluminum finish options: CPICRF Paint, Anodized, Kynar
  • Economical sustainability and green construction
  • Direct2Fab program or custom designed option