Systems for Special Performance

CPI Daylighting Inc. specializes in the development of custom daylighting systems and daylighting solutions for special applications.

CPI Daylighting R&D and Engineering in-house departments have extensive experience and are fully capable of product and solution development including final testing, commercialization and execution of projects utilizing these CPI Daylighting products.

The following is a list of some systems for special performance which are available from CPI Daylighting:

  • SolaQuad® Controlled Daylighting Panels - The most advanced daylighting system (US patent # 7,281,353 and patents pending)
  • Quadwall®Fire Rated Panels with a fire rating of Class 'A' roof assembly per ASTM E-108, UL-790, FM 4470 (US patent # 5, 437,129)
  • Quadwall® Forced Entry Resistant Panels meeting Department of State SD-STD-01.10 for 5 minute forced entry resistance and<br>the Department of Defense UFC4-020-01
  • Quadwall® Sound Reduction Panels for enhanced STC rating 38-43
  • Hurricane Endurance translucent skylight and wall-lights
  • Quadwall® Human Impact Resistant Panels meeting interior human impact of 2000 ft-lb standing seam panels, metal clips and connectors for high-performance systems (US patents # 6,164,024  7,441,379  7,926,236  7,546,708)
  • Direct2Fab -Fast delivery program for custom daylighting systems. CPI Daylighting's proprietary automated D2F engineering system essentially replicates methodology and heuristics employed by daylighting engineers using computerized technology
  • IntelaGlas - Intelligent Daylighting Glass Panel - Glass skylight with SolaQuad® insulated controlled daylighting beneath (US patent # 7,281,353 and patents pending)
  • Quadwall®  Dual Glazing Panel System (US patent 8,056,289 and patent pending)